Hello! I am a queer, neurodivergent content creator! I love anything cozy, whimsical and full of magic but I am always up for anything. Come join me and my cozy chaos <3


My name is Zannah and I am 23 years old. I am a queer creator (demisexual and bisexual) with AuDHD who was able to discover myself with the support of my community.

I started streaming on Twitch in 2019 and fell in love with the experience of live interaction. Initially, I was a Sims streamer however my content has morphed a lot over time, and I have now settled as a Stardew Streamer, with variety content found on youtube.

My favourite games are typically simulation and any game that incited feelings of whimsy/magic, though I am no stranger to FPS games and do enjoy those too.


Through my channel, I hope to foster a community of inclusivity, care and compassion. Everybody is welcome unless they are not welcoming to others, and though I cannot define what my space means to others, for me it is a safe space, and I hope it can be for you too.

I also aim to bring greater awareness to mental health and the silent struggles people like myself go through, whilst also uplifting those with struggles I do not face. Charity work and mutual aid has always been something important to me.

I hope that one day I can become a Twitch Partner and be able to have content creation as a primary source of income. I know this will take time and work, so I am happy to sit back and **enjoy the journey **there.


**These rules apply to all of my platforms. In some cases (for example Twitch) there may be more specific rules that are catered to that platform, in these cases, you will be able to find these rules there.
1. Respect my boundaries
2. Be kind, courteous and respectful to each other.3. Please avoid disclosing any sensitive personal information about yourself or others.4. No trauma dumping - you have no idea who you could be triggering. If you do wish to share with us, you can always talk in the discord, just make sure you mark your message like this: TW: [name of trigger] || insert message here ||5. Unsolicited promotions of yourself or friends are not allowed. This includes businesses6. No spam. If you didn't get a reply, leave it there. If it is important, contact my mods on Twitch or in Discord.7. No discrimination of any kind.Failure to follow any of these rules could result in bans, in some cases there will be no warning, it will depend on the severity of the offence.


**Although I wish this wasn't needed in writing, this is where you can find my boundaries. If you cross them, you will get a warning and likely be referred to here. If you constantly push them you could end up with a ban across all platforms depending on the severity. My boundaries are subject to change as I learn more about what I am and am not comfortable with, please respect me and my wishes.
1. Do not comment on my appearance in a negative or sexual manner
2. Do not message me unless you have my permission to do so. If you are unsure, you can message one of my mods and they will either send me the message or I will decide to message you3. Do not use my business email for personal means. You will not receive a reply and you may end up blocked depending on the manner of the email4. Do not press for private info, respect that if I want to share, I will5. The mods have familiarity, just because you see them do something does not mean that you can ignore my boundaries. I know their intentions, I do not know yours6. Please do not trauma dump on me, I have my own issues and am not qualified to give you the support you need. If you need help, please see the support source that my mods and I have curated here. Please be aware that this is a work in progress7. If I tell you something is making me uncomfortable, stop doing it


There are many ways you can provide continuous support for me, both free and monetary. All links below.

Free Support
Follow and interact with my social media pages. Any interaction will boost my content and help me to grow. Liking content, watching a whole YouTube video, and sharing my posts, especially sponsored posts, all helps so much.
A free way to monetarily support me is by using your prime sub on me on Twitch! If you don't have that available, removing ad blockers and staying through the ads really does make a difference.

Monetary Support
I have different places that you can subscribe to that allow me to have a more stable income. Twitch provides you with ad-free viewing and access to my emotes. You will also be allowed to chat before I go live (a safety measure). Ko-Fi provides you with member-only access to behind-the-scenes content! What merch/emotes/events do I have planned? Members will be the first to know.


Fancy dropping random love every now and again? There are both free and monetary ways to do this too! All links below.

Free Support
Recommend me to a friend you think would enjoy my content! This really helps as word of mouth promotes me even further than just sharing my content.
If you are also a Twitch streamer, consider raiding if you end whilst I'm live!

Monetary Support
On Twitch there is the ability to gift subs and use bits which are fun, especially if there is a hype train.
I have Ko-Fi for any one-off support you wish to make. I even have stream graphics commissions and some tarot/oracle readings in the shop if you're interested in those.
Want to be certain what the money is going towards? I have a Throne wishlist that you can contribute to/buy gifts for me.
Interact with sponsorships if it is within your ability.
I have merch too! Consider buying from my shop!


Catch me live or watch my videos as they get released! I can't wait to see you wherever you find me!

No Upcomming Event

    Schedule: Monday: Rest. Tuesday: Twitch 11am - Mod-Free Stardew. Wednesday: Twitch 11am - SVE + Voted Game. Thursday: Twitch 11am - Breath Of The Wild. Friday: Rest. Saturday: YouTube 12pm - First 30

    I can't wait for our collaboration!

    Here you will find all my stats. If you agree that we would work well together, simply email me using that beautiful button below!

    I can't wait to hear from you!

    Open For Fantasy Map Commissions

    Have your world created ready for people to explore! Hand drawn fantasy style maps perfect for your games, books, DnD worlds and more!

    Link Below!